The experience and education to understand our community and help it succeed.

I came to North Carolina in 1990 to attend Wake Forest University on an Army ROTC scholarship. After serving in the Army in both Korea and Germany as an officer I returned to North Carolina. I have lived Wake County since 1999. I met my wife who also served in the Army here in Wake County in 2000. Yvonne and I have been happily married since 2004.

I have worked in Wake’s dynamic Information Technology (IT) sector since 2000. I earned an Associate’s degree in Telecommunications and Network Engineering from our own local Wake Tech in 2003. Life changes quickly in IT and learning to deal with that change and learning that change is the only constant has been important in shaping my outlook on a variety of subjects. I have done contract work in Hawaii, Japan and in support of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have attended classes in India and traveled globally. When people talk about competing in a global and changing economy I understand what they mean.

A free North Carolina is a better North Carolina.

Too many of our children, citizens and small business owners are denied the opportunity to succeed in North Carolina. I want to change government’s role in our state and in our lives. Our government and established interests have chosen to defend existing power structures, not people. We need to return power to our citizens and allow them the freedom to choose what is best for their family and future. All parents should be able to choose the best school for their children with their tax dollars. Business owners should be able to open and grow a business and not have to fight regulations that don’t make us safer but only give power to those with deeper pockets. We need to work on fixing healthcare by returning real choice to the patient and real competition to the market. Freedom is a solution.

Meet David Ulmer